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+1 704-629-0412

3326 Bessemer City Road, Bessemer City, NC 28016
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  • Becky Weaver
    Oct, 07 2018
    ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
    Dr. Cosenza saved my life. I've searched for 40 years for a diagnosis. I was born with a compromised lymphatic system. I saw countless GP's and many, many specialists. I was diagnosed with everything from MS to Lupus to Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, then the diagnosis would be refuted by another specialist. They thoroughly tested my heart, lungs, kidneys, liver... everything you can imagine. I even had one physician tell me that my constant swelling was due to depression. I've had so many expensive, unnecessary tests and procedures; if it wasn't concerning my health, it would be laughable. I first saw Dr. Cosenza in 2014. On my first visit, he put the wheels in motion to give me the answers I had searched for all of my life. Recently, I've been having gallbladder issues, and Dr. Cosenza made sure I got the test I needed, and got to see a surgeon immediately. Some people suffer for years before they are able to get proper treatment. I tell everyone how wonderful Dr. Cosenza is. I wanted my husband and mother to also receive his excellent level of care, so by 2015 they were also patients of his. Many times you find a caring physician who just doesn't seem to have any answers for you. They want to help, but it's beyond their abilities. Other times, you may find physicians who are very scholarly, but unemotional, showing no real concern for the people they treat. Some things may slip through the cracks, just because it's not that important to them. Dr. Cosenza is that rare combination of well-balanced judgment, medical expertise and true compassion for his patients. If there is any type of humanitarian award given by Carolinas HealthCare System to their physicians, Dr. Cosenza should be the recipient every year.

    Rebecca Weaver
    patient 2014 - present
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David A. Cosenza, MD

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